everything is illuminated in the light of the past

Dearest GW~

“Everything is Illuminated” is a stunning book. It is at once silly and deeply meaningful. It was almost three books in one: there was the letters that Alex wrote to Jonathan, the story of Jonathan written by Alex and the fantastically untrue story of Jonathan’s ancestors. Some parts were wickedly funny, like when Alex writes about Sammy Davis Junior, Junior (Officious Seeing-Eye Bitch) or when he speaks of “spleening” his mother. But the end made me cry! The way it was written was highly experimental and very emotional.

My friend CN told me about the book: she loves the movie and the lead singer of her favorite band (Gogol Bordello) plays Alex in it. I had every intention of reading the book eventually, but when I was home for winter break, I found the book in my dad’s book collection! I’m really not surprised by this because my dad read anything and everything, from Anthony Bourdain to Shakespeare, and everything in between! Remember the time we found a whole box of cheap mystery novels?

Anyway, I decided to read the book while I was in London and it was fantastic! It was more sexual than I thought it would be however, which is awkward when you’re sitting next to an older British woman on the plane. I kept worrying that she would see what was on the page! The ending tore my heart out so on the plane ride back, I was practically bawling, which I’m sure was odd to the people sitting around me.

I highly suggest you see the movie and read the book. They are both really good and really different from each other. Now on to “A Clockwork Orange”!

Miss you soo soo much,




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