Aunt Dimity Slays a Dragon, chapters 1-20

GW: I’m actually highly enjoying this book. Nancy Atherton is a very good writer and while the story is not the most exciting in the world, per-se, it is about a Renaissance festival, which is pretty rad. =]

Okay so the book is good, established; and I’m zooming right through it. Now for a more pressing issue: I WA NT TO GO TO A REN FEST!!! or at the very least acquire a fantastical medieval outfit. I’d make a pretty good wench, but I’m thinking that I’d look pretty good as duchess with a rose-colored wimple. (That’s the cone thing with the flowy fabric that women wear on their heads. I’m learning things.) Also in the book they keep talking about all this really good food. It makes me want the n0ms.

I like the fact that there is a dead aunt talking to the main character through a journal. It gives the otherwise average story of a country village in England a little awesome boost. I wish I had a dead English aunt to talk to through a magic journal. But hey, my life is just not that interesting. Apparently. >.<

So i think that I want to continue reading the books in this series. I started in the middle somewhere but w.e…it looks like the first one is Aunt Dimity’s Death…I mean i guess she has to die before she writes in the journal right? I dunno, I’m going out on a limb here.

Anywhoodles, I’ll give you the book as soon as I finish. I think you’ll like it. Also the girl has a really hot hubby. Make my life feel inadequate…jeez!

❤ GG


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